Saturday, March 31, 2012

This behavior has to go.

These behaviors are NOT attractive. It's not "hot" or "cute".

1. Not answering any of the calls of a guy who is a 'nice guy' and respects you.
All you have to do is answer once, talk for 1 or 2 minutes and politely say "no I can't, I'm sorry" then
hang up after like 4 seconds. That's it. Say a formal goodbye. It might make you feel bad, but this is better.

2. Not replying to online messages when YOU KNOW he's a good guy or he's interested as a "friend" LOL
You're not dealing with a ghost. You're dealing with a real human being who can think and feel AND        get hurt.

Just say, "I appreciate your effort but I can't. I'm not looking at the moment. Sorry."

Have some class.

All you have to do is be polite and firmly decline.

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