Saturday, March 31, 2012

This behavior has to go.

These behaviors are NOT attractive. It's not "hot" or "cute".

1. Not answering any of the calls of a guy who is a 'nice guy' and respects you.
All you have to do is answer once, talk for 1 or 2 minutes and politely say "no I can't, I'm sorry" then
hang up after like 4 seconds. That's it. Say a formal goodbye. It might make you feel bad, but this is better.

2. Not replying to online messages when YOU KNOW he's a good guy or he's interested as a "friend" LOL
You're not dealing with a ghost. You're dealing with a real human being who can think and feel AND        get hurt.

Just say, "I appreciate your effort but I can't. I'm not looking at the moment. Sorry."

Have some class.

All you have to do is be polite and firmly decline.

Which is better, Asian or white [new edit]

I think a lot of Asian girls seek out white guys because it's common for Asians to feel invisible in the          United States. They want acceptance.

The reason is historical. They often see us as kind of, different. Our culture is somewhat the opposite of Europe's so their perception of us sometimes is "foreign".

Here's the answer:

White is better if you want to be honored by "whites".

Asian is better if you're ALREADY proud of who you are.

Speaking of which, just look at these guys!  

Far East Movement - So What?

I want to go clubbing! How do I start

There's a bit of a difference with club culture in America compared to club culture in Asia.

Asian club culture is pretty much pre-set for us. Now, American club culture - you need to understand          certain things. If you want to have fun, choose a club wisely. Don't go for super high class venues if you're inexperienced.

In the U.S., people with different life experiences and social status than you may not understand where you're coming from. For new comin' Asians in America: English counts a lot.

If you speak with a thick accent, don't expect to hang out with full-on local Americans who've been in        clubs for 9 years. If any, the "rules" of clubbing are simple.
1. Don't ruin the fun of others.
2. Be nice to people.
3. Keep safe. That's why they have bouncers in the club.
And, don't use fake IDs. Have some decency.

Further question? How do I deal with creepers?

It's hard to put a definition to, but creepers are guys who don't respect your space, have a hard time taking "no" for an answer & usually get thrown out of the venue.
It's either that or they're disliked by just about everybody there. Here are the set of actions you can do to protect yourself.
1. If the guy is violent or hotheaded, just LEAVE.
2. Call a bouncer.
3. If you suspect this dude is a pick-up artist, close OFF your body language. Stop talking for 2 minutes. If he persists, spill vodka on his shoes then call a bouncer.
4. Hmmm, what else?! Bring a fake wedding ring for size.
There. Should all that prove inadequate, there is STEP 5.
Give them a fake number.

Is it bad to be a Virgin?

No. Virgins will rule the world

How should I treat guys who approach me?

This is a tricky question.

As an Asian dude, i noticed a lot of Asian girls are shy - and therefore, tend not to know how to respond to guys approaching them. Even good, attractive ones

But every person has "desires" and if you have that, I say choose wisely.

I think if anything, what would help you is to OBSERVE your surroundings.
If you are shy, don't worry. Pick an older brother who you can trust & respect and who will protect you.

You have the right to reject a guy. You have the right to NOT give your number out.

You also have the right to care for yourself.

So as an Asian bro who cares about you, I say choose wisely.

It's not worth it getting hurt deeply just for sex? I'll tell u that.

Why do they like Asian girls so much?

For the effort that it takes, Asian girls are pretty much -best choice-

What is Asian fetish? What is objectification?

Fetish is a nasty word. When you say a "fetish" you're referring to an object.

What is an object? Obviously: has no soul, no heart, no mind. And therefore, cannot be treated like a person.
So if a guy tells you now that he has an Asian fetish? You know. It means that he's attracted to what he thinks Asian girls are, not WHO YOU ARE.

Asian fever is when this happens in a widespread way. Usu. they see porn and you know, they start thinking it's like that but a lot of times it's not.

Then, what is objectification? Objectification is a terrible term.

It goes both ways. It means using a person for sex without regards to them as a human being, or targeting them for violence (when they did nothing wrong).